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By Hannah Rogers
Sunglasses aren’t the only way to shade those eyes, fellas. A hat will not only keep you cool and shield you from the sun’s rays, but hats are also stylish accessories that will instantly elevate your look. Here’s which hats will take your summer style up to the brim… Read More »
Now playing at the movies: Ice Age: Collision Course; Star Trek Beyond; Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie; and Lights Out… Read More »
From classic cut-offs to chic culottes, shorts come in numerous silhouettes, textures, and lengths and are the perfect piece for summer. Dress them up for a date with a pair of heels, or dress them down with a casual top; a pair of shorts are so easy to style, whether it’s for work or play, day or night. Watch photographer and fashion blogger Moanalani Jeffry show us her favorite pairs of summer shorts and 4 ways to really rock them… Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
Whether it’s running through the sprinklers on a hot afternoon at home, going to the local community pool for a dip, or crashing through the surf on a tropical beach vacation, most kiddos love to be in the water during the summer. Active kids require swimwear that’s durable, comfortable, and cute (why not?), and two suits are definitely better than one. Here’s what’s savvy in kids’ swimwear this season... Read More »
This week at the movies: The Ghostbusters are back, but this time as a hilarious and tenacious all-female squad; and Bryan Cranston stars in a suspenseful thriller as an undercover agent whose goal is to finally bust the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar… Read More »
White is the perfect shade for summertime. It’s light, it’s bright, it’s crisp and airy ­– and it looks good on everyone. Unsure that you can truly pull it off? Watch Jen from ADDITION ELLE demonstrate how to wear white stylishly this summer. From dresses to denim, Jen has all the tips for wearing white with confidence... Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
Sandals are the staple shoe of summertime. From casual flats to fancier wedges, there’s a style of sandal to fit every fashionable foot. Here are the top sandal trends you should definitely slip your toes into… Read More »
This week at the movies: A hilarious animated film that uncovers what really happens when we leave our beloved pets home alone; and a rowdy comedy about two goofy brothers who must find respectable dates to bring to their sister’s tropical destination wedding… Read More »
Whether you are out and about on a tropical vacation, on your way to a local pool party, or heading off to the shore for a swim, it can feel (and look) awkward wearing your bathing suit underneath your outfit – I think we can all agree that bikini strings hanging out of your top and excess fabric bunching up in your shorts don’t really make for the best look. Need help for how to wear real clothes with your swimsuit? Look no further. Rachel Zoe has come to the rescue with 3 amazing outfit ideas that could fool even the most fault-finding fashionista. Check out these looks and start sporting your suit in style… Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
Hats are fabulous summertime accessories. They provide shade, style, and that little extra “something” that really takes your look to the next level. Here which women’s toppers are trending this summer… Read More »

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